Amanda Rain

Amanda Rain founded Speaking the Unspeakable® to inspire the courage to meet our challenges and empower our lives through effective communication. A mix of passion, training, and real-world experience has given Amanda a unique perspective on how communication can be utilized to support our personal self growth and evolution, while simultaneously fueling our professional success.

The study of rhetoric first captured her attention while debating the collegiate circuit from 2002-2004. She learned that communication can be both effective and powerful with the right combination of simplicity, skill, and strategy. Many times, we make things far more complicated, messy, and painful than necessary. Amanda distills what is complex and challenging into clear understanding. She supports people in getting to the heart of what’s important and how to effectively move forward.

While debating, she earned many speaker awards for her skill and delivery. As a policy advocate and community organizer, Amanda has spoken at colleges, conferences, special events, community meetings, city council and county board of supervisor meetings, as well as various media outlets. Her ability to captivate audiences uplifts and inspires. She shares what she has learned over the years in engaging and sometimes provocative ways.

The breadth of her experience enables Amanda to cover a wide range of topics. She engages the unspeakable within and between us with heartfelt empathy and fierce compassion. She has worked on sensitive issues such as drug policy reform, diversity and inclusion, sexual assault and trauma, consent

culture within sexuality and intimacy, and tense discourse across ideological and political divides. Her analysis of our collective experience in these areas is dynamic, nuanced, and insightful.

Amanda inspires the willingness to face our challenges, while confronting them with skill. Her voice offers hope for the spirit and medicine for the soul.

Kate McNulty LCSW (503) 312-6788Gottman Certified Relationship Therapist


Asha Lerae

Asha Lerae is a trauma-informed sex educator and consent advocate. She is committed to deepening power analysis, advancing social justice, and promoting the healing potential of pleasure.



BesottedBunny is the former organizer of From the Ashes, a local support group for abuse survivors in the Portland BDSM community. As a survivor who identifies with a number of invisible disabilities, they have organized workshops on being an ally to neurodivergent people as well as on recognizing patterns of abuse within intimate relationships. 


Dr. Betty Martin

Dr. Betty Martin has developed of Wheel of Consent workshops over the last dozen years. She is a Chiropractor, 

a Body Electric School trained Sacred Intimate, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Foundations of Facilitation trainer, and a self-propelled erotic adventurer and intimacy coach. That makes about 30 years as a hands-on professional, first in therapeutics – Chiropractic, Somato-Respiratory Integration, Educational Kinesiology, Reiki, Neuro-Emotional Integration – and later in body-based erotic education, including sensual massage, Taoist Erotic Massage, Kashmiri tantric massage and Sexological Bodywork.She's taught peer counseling, gender liberation, embodiment and empowerment, fantasy play, goddess awakening and erotic massage. She's played with contact improv dance, Authentic Movement, Non-Violent Communication and Shaivic tantra. 

She's a student of The Work of Byron Katie. She is a Board member and she trains and certifies new facilitators for a touch and communication workshop called Cuddle Party.           


Evelin Dacker, MD

 Evelin Dacker, MD is a sex-positive Integrative Family Medicine physician. She is active in creating a safe space for LGBTQIA youth and adults and helping people through illness, trauma, and life transitions towards finding balance and joy. She incorporates a multidisciplinary approach with principles of gratitude and pleasure to support her patients in creating their own wellness.  

In addition to practicing medicine, Evelin (pronounced Ev-ah-leen), is the current Executive Director of SexPositive Portland. She created the safer sex communication model STARS to help facilitate open and honest sex conversations. She is a consent and sex educator, sexual health activist and TEDx speaker (on STARS). 


Helena Palmqvist De Felice

Helena Palmqvist De Felice is the Clinic Service Director of Options for Sexual Health (formerly known as the Planned Parenthood Association of British Columbia), a full-spectrum birth doula, Wheel of Consent facilitator, and High Priestess of Aphrodite Temple. Within these roles, Helena works with practitioners and clients to develop skills and empower themselves in setting and respecting boundaries of themselves and others.


Judy Guerin

Judy Guerin is a well-known activist, writer, speaker and educator on issues of sexual freedom and gender expression and has been advocating on these issues for over 30 years. She is a long-time practitioner of BDSM, a sex educator and proud former pro domme.

She is a former board member of GenderPAC, the Woodhull Freedom Foundation, Forum 21 and the Black Rose. She is a former steering committee member of the National Policy Roundtable of GLBTQ/HIV groups, former executive director of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and advisor to the European Union Human Rights Commission on issues of sexual freedom and GLBTQI issues. She has directed the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom’s Consent Counts Project to decriminalize consensual sex in the U.S. since 2008 and currently serves on NCSF’s Board.

She has presented at numerous national and international conferences, including the World Congress of Sexology, the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, The American Society of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists, Creating Change, Desiree Alliance, the Leather Leadership Conference, the International Foundation for Gender Education and the National

Organization for Women. She has authored numerous articles on sexual freedom and gender expression. She has actively lobbied on issues of trafficking and decriminalization of prostitution.


Kate McNulty, LCSW

Kate McNulty, LCSW, has extensive training and experience working with relationship issues and sexual concerns. 

She is certified as a Gottman Relationship Therapist by the Gottman Institute of Seattle, a research institute that has spent 40+ years studying couple and family relationships with true scientific rigor.

 She also holds certification as a Sex Therapist through AASECT, the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists. 


Lark Ryan

Lark Ryan, LCSW

A Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice, for twenty years Lark has been an EMDR provider, specializing in treating sexual trauma. She is Certified as  an EMDR therapist through the EMDR International Association. In her psychotherapy practice Lark honors diversity and offers a safe place for members of the polyamorous and BDSM communities.

 She is a consent activist and has provided outreach/education at raves to the EDM (electronic dance music) community. She teaches classes on the STARS model of informed consent through Sex Positive Portland. She is a member of Portland Sex Positive Community Town Hall in her position as an administrator of a private online forum with the mission to share information about consent and its importance, to discuss incidences of abuse, assault, and consent violations, and to provide a safe space to discuss difficult, upsetting, and traumatic topics in a supportive environment.

 Lark has a particular interest in addressing consent violation within community. She is strongly rooted in social justice, and founded an annual scholarship for therapists training in EMDR who are dedicated to work with low-income clients. She offers free therapy for veterans through Previous work includes serving as a counselor in residential treatment, as a therapist in low-income clinics, and as an ER social worker.


Kristen Reynolds

Kristen Reynolds has been student and teacher of nonviolent communication for twelve years, and has studied at the Processwork Institute. She has a passion for group dynamics, and has been facilitating and mediating for a decade.


Patrick Califia

Patrick Califia is a transman, a long-term activist within the kink community, a widely-published author,

and a retired therapist who specialized in sex and gender minority clients. 

He became involved in the leather community in the late 1970s with the Society of Janus and went on to found Samois, the first

lesbian-feminist S/M support group. His first published books, Sapphistry and Macho Sluts, sparked controversy that contributed to the sex wars that raged within feminism during the 1980s and 1990s.

His opposition to censorship included testifying in the legal case Little Sisters bookstore successfully brought against Canadian Customs for seizing and burning LGBT books, magazines, and visual material. 

He was one of the earliest authors to put information about safe and consensual kinky play into print. This included Sensuous Magic, a BDSM manual. He has done readings and workshops in the US, Canada, and Europe, and his work is widely quoted in social-science literature and research regarding BDSM. 

In his clinical work, he often treated differently-gendered and kinky community members who were suffering from trauma related to childhood sexual abuse or assaults suffered as adults. So he is keenly aware of the way the concept of consent has evolved over the decades and its central role in protecting

all of us from further trauma.


Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi MSW

Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi MSW's, being Reverend Ciacchi includes being the relational matrix of the Living Love Revolution®, a holistic design for creating new cultures based on love and consent. 

In July 2017 she received a grant to start Interdependence and Autonomy LLC, a for profit business that builds consent culture by healing conflict through education and legal advocacy, while creating consent-centric events. For Reverend Ciacchi, generating a Living Love Revolution requires many skills and includes: being a teacher and practitioner of Ancestral Resonance®, a Priestess of Aphrodite, a leader of the EcoSexuality movement, and an EcoMagicks practitioner. 

She has been generating classes in the Cascadia Holistic Peer Counseling system since 1997 and holding sacred sexuality events called Aphrodite Temple® since 2000.

 In 2018 she produced and taught at  Ecosex Celebrating Lover Earth, on Orcas Island to celebrate the Summer Solstice. She produced an co-created Surrender:The EcoSex Convergence ® from 2013-2017. Reverend Ciacchi looks to Nature for guidance and wisdom. She translates the teachings she receives from mycelium (mushrooms), bees and stardust into useable social skills for human beings. They lead collaborative workshops and events that honor the innate connections between humans and the Living Earth. 

Recent publications include essays in the books: Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love  and Queer Magic. You can find her works at the following websites:  and 


Richard O. Cunningham

Richard O. Cunningham, B.S., M.A., J.D., has advocated for over 30 years on issues of gender,race and sex. He has played a leading role in landmark legal cases, including being the  supervising attorney on the Supreme Court Case regarding women in military academies and the initiating attorney for the lawsuit during the Vietnam War that resulted in equal media political coverage. He has served as chair of the boards of both the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom Foundation (NCSF) and the Woodhull Freedom Foundation.

 He is senior international trade partner at Steptoe & Johnson, LLP in Washington, D.C. Dick is currently

legal counsel for NCSF and advises on legal and policy aspects of the NCSF Consent Counts Program. 

Dick has become a member of the American Law Institute and is participating in both the project to reform the Model Penal Code provisions on sexual assault and sexual contact and in the Institute’s study of Sexual Misconduct on College Campuses. In both of those projects, NCSF is focused on important issues relating to consent and criminalization of consensual sexual contact.

Dick has been actively involved in advocating for sex workers’ rights through his roles in NCSF and the Woodhull Freedom Foundation. He has lobbied against trafficking laws affecting sex

workers and other sexual minorities and lobbied for decriminalization of prostitution


Ruby B. Johnson

Ruby B. Johnson LCSW, LCDC

469-708-6387 (business cell)

Ruby Bouie Johnson has almost 16 years of experience as a behavioral health therapist and educator. In the last years she has been in private practice as a sex therapist and educator in Plano, Texas. Her practice area is non-monogamous and Kink/BDSM clients. She has several publications and has been interviewed by many media outlets on topics, such as sexual health, sexual liberation, and non monogamy. She is listed as one of the top 25 POC sex educators.  Playboy Magazine and Women’s Health magazine have sought Ms. Johnson’s expert opinion.

She wrote the forward for the groundbreaking book Love’s Not

Colorblind by Kevin Patterson, which explores intersectionality and the polyamory community. Ms. Johnson received the Professional Standard of Excellence Award from the American Association of Sexology,Educators, Counselors, and Therapists. 

  • Educator, Trainer, and Advocate


Sar Surmick

 Sar Surmick is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of WA and also directs the Consent Academy, a non-profit educational collective based out of Seattle. Sar is a nationally known consent expert with hundreds of hours of consent education and curriculum design. Sar is also one of the authors of The Consent Primer: Foundations for Everyday Life.