Our Summit

Day One


 A few historical  presentations: 

  • Consensual Non-Consenting Relationships
  • Lifestyle (Swinging, Poly, BDSM, and Leather) Consent Differences
  • Teaching Consent and Negotiation
  • Defining Consent Incidences and Consent Violations
  • Ethnic Cultural Understanding: Global Views of Con

Day Two


More suggested presentations: 

  • Domestic Violence - Understanding Consent and Lack of Consent Implications
  • Finding Lifestyle Friendly Professionals
  • Creating Consent Policies for Individuals, Groups, Clubs, and Organizations
  • Law / Legalities / Legal Issues: Family Law, Outing and Morality Clause Impacts-
  • Activism and Organizing (Grassroots Political Efforts)

Add Entertainment!


One option? Add an evening  event targeted for three (3)  hours! The SE Summit chose Day One from 7pm to 10pm EST with the following components: 

- Naked Eatery: A dessert &/or appetizer food bar where consent will have to be obtained to dine "off of" the models. 

- Body Painting: Participants can paint or be painted! The key, negotiate for where the brush can touch. The models are naked and the sky...might be the limit! 

- Fashion Show: Models will showcase the latest designs from SouthEast artists. Have the models pose the way you want. How? Use consent to ask!