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What are Consent Summit? They are one to two day events held in a variety of  venues. Each Summit leverages the community we n which it resides. Organizers include groups, and individuals that target the important issues their area is experiencing with a variety of consent related topics.

Sponsors are welcomed! 

Our Goal

Our goal is a meeting of Individuals within entities or communities that deal with Consensual and Non-Consenting Activities to discuss their point of view on matters ranging from 4th Amendment (Pursuit of Pleasure) Rights & Violations To Criminal and Civil Laws. The status of Consent as a Legal Defense, may be addressed. Speakers Sought! 

Every day, there is a new individual turning the age of consent or professional  that is dealing with consent/non-consent incidents. The Summit will provide knowledge ranging from consensual negotiations to avoiding, mitigating and managing consent violations. 

Our Mission

We will encourage collaboration through sharing education and best practices among several diverse entities who emerge as subject matter experts in consent and consent related issues, in their various arenas. 

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Your support and contributions will help produce the Summit, raise funds for non-profits and provide  travel funds. 

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